150 South Bridge Road, #03-08, Fook Hai Building, Singapore - 058 727.


We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the earliest and best-known Management and Manpower Recruitment companies based in Singapore with offices in India and Dubai. In addition we also have representatives across several countries. We started off in 1980 and have more than 38 years of experience that makes us the most preferred destination for clients as well as job seekers of all nationalities. Our staffs are reputed for providing knowledgeable information, and they undergo training and orientation programs on a regular basis.

Our clientele includes well known companies that have an international footprint with manufacturing facilities in different countries including Singapore, Middle East and West Asia. We have helped jobseekers, FDW in India, Bangladesh, China, south-Asian countries, Philippines and Indonesia, and other countries to find profitable employment.

Our team is committed to the vision we have formulated and the guiding principles enshrined in our mission statement. We believe in providing nothing but the best to all our constituents and those who entrust us with a task. That is the reason why we only employ the best trained and experienced people at Westrama. Our employees are among the most knowledgeable, have industry specific information at their finger tips and are also the most polite. You will know that the moment you call us for information. Manning our help desk at our office are some of the best and brightest business school graduates. When we say the best, we mean it.

We envision a world in which everyone is satisfactorily employed and every company is satisfied with its employees. We orient our actions and thoughts in this direction relentlessly and encourage our staff to work toward achieving these objectives to its fullest extent. We foresee and work toward a world in which employer-employee relationship is at its cordial best, and in achieving a zero-dispute environment.

We provide the following services to better serve you:

  • Job placement services for foreign maids.
  • Direct hire your own foreign maids.
  • Placement of transfer maids.
  • Training courses & Workshops.
    • Training Care of Babies.
    • Training in Care of Babies.
    • Training in Care of Elderly or Disabled.
    • Training in Cooking.
    • Training Lesson in Spoken English.
    • General Orientation for Employment as a Maid in Singapore.
  • Home Leave Processing.
  • Application of work permits.
  • Renewal of passports and work permits.
  • Embassy endorsement.
  • Cancellation of work permits.
  • Booking and Purchasing of air tickets.
  • Purchasing of banker guarantee and insurance for maids.
  • Repatriation of maids.
  • Arrangement of medical check up for maids.
  • Other foreign worker related services.