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Maid Agency in Singapore

Westrama is the most reputed maid agency in Singapore for hiring Indian maids for professional domestic services. We conduct thorough background checks before recruiting maids for housekeeping services in Singapore. Our Indian maid agency has more than 10,000 profiles of professionally trained Indian maids suitable for performing tasks efficiently for families settled in Singapore.

Best House Maid Agency in Singapore

Westrama works as one of the top recruitment agencies in Singapore in choosing the right candidate for assisting in household chores. Being the best house maid agency in Singapore, we help our clients to hire genuine, well-trained and professional Indian maids for housekeeping services such as cleaning, babysitting, patient care and cooking. We are immensely grateful and pleased for being awarded the “Business Excellence Award” for the year 2018-2019.

About Westrama maid agency

Started in 1980, Westrama is one of the pioneers in recruiting domestic maids for housekeeping services in Singapore. With more than four decades of experience in recruiting, training and managing manpower in Singapore, we believe in providing professional maids to our customers with utmost care and sincerity. Our website has genuine profiles of fresher, trained and experienced Indian maids well-versed in performing domestic services exceptionally to our clients. Westrama stands tall in providing professional maids by personally training them beforehand to meet the requirements of our customers.

Services we provide

Westrama focuses on providing the best services by taking care of the recruiting process including application, renewal and cancellation of work permits, background checks, passport application and renewal and other legalities. We assist in booking air tickets, arrangement and placement of transfer maids and other foreign maid services. Our maid agency thrives to provide the best healthy and professionally trained Indian maids to our customers by conducting regular medical check-ups and insurance policies.

Many Indian maid agencies operating in Singapore do not provide staff training and maid workshops. But, we at Westrama ensure to train our Indian maids in various domestic services including cleaning, cooking, gardening, babysitting, and patient caretaking. We have staffs to conduct cooking and spoken English classes to help domestic maids improve their quality of services. We provide the following services to better serve you:

  • Job placement services for foreign maids.
  • Direct hire your own foreign maids.
  • Placement of transfer maids.
  • Training courses & Workshops.
    • Training Care of Babies.
    • Training in the Care of Babies.
    • Training in the Care of Elderly or Disabled.
    • Training in Cooking.
    • Training Lesson in Spoken English.
    • General Orientation for Employment as a Maid in Singapore.
  • Home Leave Processing.
  • Application of work permits.
  • Renewal of passports and work permits.
  • Embassy endorsement.
  • Cancellation of work permits.
  • Booking and Purchasing of air tickets.
  • Purchasing of banker guarantee and insurance for maids.
  • Repatriation of maids.
  • Arrangement of medical check up for maids.
  • Other foreign worker related services.

Type of maid services we provide

We are best known for hiring professional and trained Indian maids for housekeeping across various places in the country. Our maid agency also assists in recruiting Indian maid, Tamil maid, Punjabi maid and South Indian maid for cooking, babysitting and cleaning services. These maids can be selected based on their nationality, work experience, age, languages known and remuneration. Our maids are willing to work in flexible timings under a budget to help families in Singapore.

Westrama ensures to assist in the recruitment process of Indian maids by arranging faceto- face interviews to choose the right candidate. We take part in the verification process and recommend only verified Indian maids to our customers. Also, we replace maids in, case of dissatisfaction from the clients.